Sixents' location service

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Beijing (Gasgoo)-On March 31st, WM Motor officially introduced its M7 battery-electric sedan model powered by Sixents’ high precision location service.

Sixents' location service

Sixents' location service-powered WM Motor M7 makes debut

Photo credit: Sixents

According to the EV maker, as its sole supplier, Sixents will provide real-time centimeter-level location service for the M7, which will start delivery within the year.  

Sixents’ technology helps the M7 realize multiple ADAS functions such as navigation on pilot, urban smart assistant driving, lane-level navigation, ensuring on-road safety and experience. 

The company offers continuous, stable, and reliable GNSS location-based service, onboard SDK, and location engine under multiple intelligent driving scenarios. With the help of its strong network, self-developed VRS algorithms, and combination navigation algorithms, Sixents-powered vehicles can receive real-time centimeter-grade GNSS correction data on five systems’ 16 frequency points all day. 

The M7 is the first intelligent passenger vehicle model that Sixents worked on and made public. The cooperation with WM Motor will help Sixents expand the application of its high-precision location technology within the intelligent driving field. As the cooperation deepens, Sixents will help WM Motor realize ADAS functions under more scenarios, further accelerating its technology application. 

Notably, Sixents has started profound cooperation with various other automakers worldwide, accumulating massive data and practice experience. The experience will feed back on the company’s technology, forming a beneficial closed loop. 


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